Tuition And Fees


Amazing Childcare

  •  Registration fees are $150 per child and are collected at the
    time of registration for enrollment or to join our waitlist. This
    fee is non-refundable.


Birth to 18 months

$ 255 Full Time
  • Part-Time: MWF $165
  • 2 Days: TT $125

18 months and above

$ 250 Full Time
  • Part-Time: MWF $160
  • 2 Days: TT $120

Amazing Childcare.

• All payments are due at the beginning of the week on Monday. You have the option to pay weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly in advance. A late fee of $10 per day will apply for each day past the due date.

• Checks can be made payable to Amazing Childcare NWA. A $50.00 fee will apply for all checks returned unpaid.

• Credit Cards are accepted; a 3% fee will apply.

• Payments should not be interrupted or suspended for any reason other than the un-enrollment of the student.

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