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about us

Towards a Smart & Passionate Generation

At Amazing childcare, our primary mission is to introduce a second language at an early age. Spanish is one of the top 5 most spoken languages in the world. In this increasingly global environment, the study of other languages and cultures is one of the most important skills you can promote in children.

This is a time in their lives when acquiring a second language comes very naturally and children at amazing childcare are exposed to a second language in the most natural and comfortable way through natural immersion in that environment. The exposure to spontaneous language, words, and phrases that are repeated throughout the day allows for a gradual and natural comprehension. Songs, books, words in print around the room, and daily routines all incorporate the immersive approach. As the children become progressively more familiar and comfortable hearing and understanding the second language, their response to Spanish becomes a natural part of their thought process and the second language emerges.

Our Mission is to educate and nurture each child’s individuality so that every child develops a true passion for learning and an ability to engage in any environment and community. We provide structure for learning through play and meaningful experiences and activities. Our children walk into elementary school happy, confident, and well-prepared.

Hours of Operation

Amazing childcare is open from 7:00 AM to 6:00 PM, Monday through Friday.

Supply Fee.

$100 per child twice a year, non-refundable due March 1st and September 1st

Registration Fee.

$150 per child and $180 per family one-time non-refundable. Only while actively enrolled

Special Closings.

Amazing Spanish immersion childcare will also be closed 3 days out of the year for staff training. Dates will be announced.


Parents must complete all enrollment forms before the child’s first day at Amazing Spanish immersion childcare.

Our Teachers

Our Qualified Teacher

Herlina Nami


Sara Julianty


Nadine Gema

Art Teacher

Jack Stonecold

Child Psycologist

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